Project Methodology

Our Methodology

EnablePath works flexibly with small to multi-national companies by employing a methodology structure that allows us to size to the demands of our clients. Instead of assuming a “one size fits all” approach, we understand that the varying needs of clients require an approach that fits the environment, culture, processes and readiness of our clients. By engaging with our clients during our pre-sales efforts and conducting our methodology analysis, we can determine which approach fits the client best.

EnablePath offers two methodologies for our client engagements: the ForwardPath Methodology and the Agile Methodology.

ForwardPath Methodology

The ForwardPath Methodology is a phased approach with outlined objectives, activities and deliverables for each phase. The ForwardPath Methodology incorporates the oversight of Project Management to ensure quality while also aligning change enablement to consider the human element throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.

forwardpath methodology

Agile Methodology

The EnablePath Agile Methodology is the iterative project approach that focuses on the delivery of production-ready functional components at the end of each iteration. The Agile Methodology incorporates flexibility and adaptability into the project approach while still providing structure and quality.

agile methodology


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Customer Satisfaction Means Everything:

Number one on EnablePath’s published Core Values Statement is this – “We believe the customer should be at the center of our universe and their needs should constantly drive our decisions and priorities.” To EnablePath, these aren’t just words. We live this everyday; constantly attuned to our customer’s feelings around effective solution design, project progress, overall performance and, above all, how well we are communicating and managing expectations.

Our consultants and delivery personnel are compensated in part by how satisfied our clients are with project results. At the completion of every project, we ask for feedback to ensure that we are taking appropriate steps to monitor and improve our performance. On a survey scale of 1-5, we are proud to maintain an average satisfaction rating of 4.8/5.0. However, at EnablePath, we will continue to strive for a perfect 5.0!


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