EnablePath Builds Custom Salesforce Implementation for Cendyn

Over the past 19 years, Cendyn® has developed innovative, cloud-based SaaS platforms for the event industry and leisure hospitality space, represented by its two signature companies: Cendyn/ONE™, providing an integrated CRM + digital marketing platform for hotels and resorts; and Cendyn Arcaneo®, providing an end-to-end event technology platform which is revolutionizing the way clients plan, execute and measure events worldwide – including corporate entertainment and sponsorship ticket spend. With office locations in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, the UK and Singapore, the Cendyn® portfolio of companies proudly serves over 30,000 clients in 143 countries and enterprise spend levels in excess of 1 billion USD.


Cendyn’s previous CRM solution wasn’t easy to use and made locating data within the system, difficult for users.  A large amount of business-critical data was being manually stored in spreadsheets outside of the CRM. Cendyn needed an organized single-source solution to manage sales pipeline and gain access to needed reporting.


EnablePath used custom development to design a solution to meet Cendyn’s business goals, enabling the tracking of campaigns, leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and products. Project Management functionality was implemented to enable the tracking of product deployment details such as project status, key milestones, resources, and etc.   Additionally, project time logs were enabled to allow users to capture “time spent by a given resource on a given project task” and provide management with oversight. Salesforce for Outlook and Chatter were implemented to allow for greater collaboration within the system.


At the completion of the project, Cendyn was able to track the on-going status of client subscriptions and purchased products. Cendyn now has a single system for managing all prospect and client data. Data is easy to enter into the system and easy to report on, allowing for greater visibility into sales and delivery performance.

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EnablePath will be at Dreamforce, October 4-7, 2016. Stop by Booth 128 in the Cloud Expo. We will have Salesforce Certified team members available to answer questions and explore topics such as:

  • Application Modernization on the Salesforce Platform
  • CRM in the Manufacturing Space
  • Sales Cloud use in Travel and Destination Marketing
  • Health and Life Science CRM Transformation
  • Optimization Assessment and Planning

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Learn the Benefits of Working within the Salesforce Ecosystem.

EnablePath recently produced the live webinar Building Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem, where attendees gained powerful insights into the benefits of working within the Salesforce ecosystem, why is it a great career choice, the types of employers and jobs that exist, and the actions that can be taken to establish and advance a career immediately.

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Building Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem / Watch Now

Webinar hosted by EnablePath.

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EnablePath Optimizes Salesforce for Big O Tires, Making Lead Lifecycle More Effective

Big O Tires has become North America’s largest retail tire franchisor, with over 400 independently-owned and operated locations in 20 states, providing customers with a broad range of automotive services in addition to quality tires, wheels and accessories. Big O has become an industry role model admired for its innovative approach to franchising and unmatched customer loyalty ratings.

In 1996, Big O Tires joined forces with one of the largest and most respected tire marketers in the nation when it became part of the TBC Retail Group, an automotive retail network comprised of some 1,200 Big O Tires, Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s and NTB locations spanning 40 U.S. states. Big O’s reach was broadened again in 2005, when TBC Corporation was acquired by Sumitomo Corporation of America, the largest wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sumitomo, one of the world’s leading traders of goods and services.


Big O Tires was using Salesforce based upon their sister organization’s configuration and usage of Salesforce. In comparison, they had many different record types and page layouts, and needed to track different stages in their lead lifecycle to better navigate new lead information. They needed to optimize their Salesforce instance to better meet their needs.


Working exclusively with the Big O Tires Recruitment Coordinator, EnablePath revamped the lead process they use to secure new franchise inquires. We reduced the record types used and updated their online franchisee information request forms (originally created in VisualForce) to streamline new franchise requests.


Big O Tires now has a simpler, more streamlined process for identifying new inquiries and targeting new franchisee leads.

September 16, 2016Client Stories

Texas Exes “Hook” Donors with EnablePath and Jitterbit

Texas Exes is the official alumni association for the University of Texas, with more than 100,000 members, it is one of the largest alumni associations in the world. Texas Exes brings together University of Texas alumni to build community around events, networking, and – of course – supporting the college. Whether that means throwing horns, cheering on players, or donating funds, Texas Exes needs effective and targeted ways to communicate the many ways their alumni can stay involved with the college.


With more than 106,000 members, Texas Exes is one of the largest alumni associations in the world. Not surprisingly, that means it needs to handle a lot of information, as well as synchronize closely with numerous University of Texas activities. To make sure its communications were accurate, the alumni organization was seeking a way to reliably update alumni details on a timely basis, and avoid overloading the system with redundant data.


EnablePath custom built a streamlined process using Jitterbit to move alumni information from the University of Texas into the Texas Exes Salesforce instance, helping enable appropriate outreach to alumni. EnablePath also helped Texas Exes send alumni information back to the University when accounts were updated, and even trained Texas Exes staff on the integration so they are able to make updates and troubleshoot as needed.


Now, Texas Exes can reach out to alumni with the confidence that they are targeting all of their communications based on the latest information about the alumni, like where they work, where they live, and what topics they’re most interested in – whether it’s academics, athletics, research, or anything else. Having the right integration in place means that Texas Exes can send the right messages to hook alumni interest, engagement, and ultimately donations. Integration also keeps the Exes association in sync with its parent university, so they never send mixed messages. It’s a winning setup for everyone involved.


September 16, 2016Client Stories

Advisory Services and EnablePath Leadership Guide MedAssets to Successful Use of Salesforce

MedAssets is a healthcare performance improvement company that combines strategic market insight with rapid operational execution to help providers sustainably serve the needs of their communities. More than 4,500 hospitals and 123,000 non-acute providers rely on their solutions to reduce the total cost of care, enhance operational efficiency, align clinical delivery and improve revenue performance across the System of CARE.

MedAssets had a Salesforce.com org that had largely been neglected since it’s implementation. With little-to-no governance in place, the org had become unstable due to over-customization and faulty code. User adoption was low and employees rarely accessed the tool outside of completing the bare minimum.

Pain points included:

  • Contracts were on “White Paper” and stored in SharePoint creating multiple multiple attachments in various formats that users had to comb through in order to know what agreement actually existed with a client.
  • Opportunity Process was highly customized, bulky and time-consuming.
  • External Quoting tool in spreadsheets caused data to have to be manually copied into SFDC.
  • Large number of AppExchange Apps existing in the org, each with its own philosophy, created a patchwork feel to the solution, with many not in use and creating a large number of test code failures to cause slowdowns.
  • Organic growth of the org over many years with many development processes had resulted in multiple triggers on the same objects lead to increased risk of functionality failure, increased cost of debugging issues, and increased cost of maintaining competing code modules.
  • A full suite of functionality from multiple vendors had created a maze of authentication for users of multiple applications.
  • With so many Lines of Business involved in the SFDC environment, there was a robust program of development in several of these lines and they needed a deliberate and robust release management process for these development projects to coexist.

MedAssets contracted with EnablePath for our leadership and Advisory Services to help guide them on a path to making SFDC useful again.


EnablePath led a two-day on-site discovery session with MedAssets, identifying their org intricacies, business requirements and pain points, and used that information to help make specific suggestions for improvement and optimization.

Considering the timing requirements and prioritization input from the business, EnablePath submitted an Optimization Recommendation that included:

  • Apttus implementation focusing on CLM.
  • Opportunity Line Items migration and code simplification
  • Migrating Existing Contracts from SharePoint to SFDC Content
  • Asset migration to Apttus Assets
  • Opportunity Stage revisions
  • Implementation of Single Sign On (SSO)
  • CPQ Pricing in SFDC
  • Order creation in Communities


MedAssets is very pleased with our recommendations and our communication style over the lifespan of the project, and has asked us to be their preferred implementation vendor for our solution recommendation.

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Altadis U.S.A. is one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world and has access to the finest tobacco leaves from growers worldwide. They operate production facilities in the Dominican Republic and Honduras, and have production affiliations in Mexico and Nicaragua. They are responsible for many of the world’s most renowned brands including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, and Vega Fina. Altadis U.S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco Group. Imperial Tobacco Group is a leading international tobacco company which manufactures, markets and sells a comprehensive range of cigarettes, tobaccos, rolling papers, filter tubes and cigars operating in over 160 countries world-wide.


Altadis has field representatives who deliver, procure and sell cigars to distributors and large retail stores. They were tracking sales activity through spreadsheets, and having difficulty tracking their opportunities, history and schedules, and sales leaders had low visibility into sales endeavors.

Altadis U.S.A. needed a centralized, single source solution for managing client relationship data to:

  • Track call objectives
  • Improve efficiency
  • Implement streamlined workflows
  • Integrate with Outlook and Tableau
  • Create enhanced executive analytics and data management
  • Track and handle events that occur on a quarterly basis


Using Visualforce, EnablePath created a customized turnkey solution allowing field representatives to quickly and consistently build routes within Salesforce, increasing visibility into customer touch points and providing insight into field rep activities, allowing sales leaders to measure objectives based on quality analytics and reporting.

EnablePath developed a custom methodology for enabling field reps to attach multiple activities to a calendar, accessible from the Salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce.com.

  • With a single click, reps can build a route into any city.
  • With a single click, reps can open an old route, make changes to the order in which they want to visit those customers, and save a new route.
  • Build a series of events with a single click.
  • Increase visibility into all customer touch points.
  • Track all objectives by field representative.
  • Deliver activity reports that show activity over time.
  • View dynamic analytics that allow sales leaders to quickly see what is happening.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Tableau by clicking a web link and allowing a user to see all Tableau reporting.


EnablePath’s customized solution enabled Altadis U.S.A. to drastically speed up the ability to plan and track routes to any city. The sales team can now plan their whole month using the tool, and can repeat city tours into their common sales zones.

With increased visibility into customer touch points, and insight into field rep activities, sales leaders are able to measure objectives based on quality analytics and reporting.

September 15, 2016Client Stories

Benefitfocus is a leading provider of benefits technology. More than 23 million consumers manage all types of benefits in the Benefitfocus Cloud. By delivering technology that integrates all benefits in one place, Benefitfocus provides a better way to engage consumers, educate employees and simplify benefit enrollment and management. Benefitfocus provides employers, members, insurance carriers and government entities cloud-based technology to shop, enroll, manage and exchange benefits information.


Benefitfocus needed to expand their CRM platform beyond standard functionality, integrate it with their internal systems, and provide efficiencies to effectively manage communication for customer onboarding projects, renewals and ongoing customer service and support.

They sought to leverage sales and support processes that could not be accommodated in their current CRM platform. Due to internal constraints and a fast changing industry, they had limited time to change CRM platforms. They also faced a significant data migration challenge associated with the move.


EnablePath worked with BenefitFocus to define and build new processes into their current Salesforce platform. Sales Cloud was upgraded with a new Service Cloud roll-out, which included new support processes, custom CTI integration and an email to case solution. A specific cutover strategy included data migration from existing data sources, and was used to meet the targeted go-live date. The project was completed on time and within budget.


BenefitFocus reported early and significant improvement in productivity within their sales and support organizations.

Training on the new platform and processes, including a VisualForce sales summary, was developed and conducted for all 373 users who reported dramatic improvement in satisfaction with the functionality and ease of use of the new application.

The project was completed within 11 weeks, effectively meeting the client’s timing and budget expectations.

September 15, 2016Client Stories

Custom Sales Cloud Implementation Helps Christopher Guy Enhance Prospect and Customer Management

Christopher Guy is a prestigious global brand dedicated to the Design, Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution of high-end luxury furnishings. Established in 1993, Christopher Guy today enjoys a worldwide following with flagship stores in Beverly Hills, New York, Milan and London’s Harrods as purveyors to the worlds finest residences, luxury Hotels and Hollywood Studios.



Christopher Guy’s sales team was utilizing various methods and tools to manage and track their current and potential customer data, including manual spreadsheets and isolated CRM tools. They had no way of consolidating data and reporting to their executive team, in order to gain insight into sales performance throughout their Americas territory.

Their disparate tools had created a lack of visibility into how leads were being assigned to sales representatives and if they were being managed effectively. With sales reps residing in and focusing on various regions and territories, the Christopher Guy executive team found it impossible to collaborate effectively without seeking a centralized system.



EnablePath implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional Edition for Christopher Guy.

  • Customized the Lead object to enable the sales team to capture prospective customer product interest.
  • Enabled Lead metrics to enhance visibility into the relationship between sales reps and potential customers, ensuring quicker sales transactions.
  • Customized additional critical objects to meet Christopher Guy’s business needs and processes.
  • Enabled Chatter to improve collaboration between sales team members working in different regions.
  • Customized Salesforce1 mobile and trained staff, particularly those sales team members who are constantly traveling.
  • Delivered training sessions for staff members in West Hollywood, New York and North Carolina.



The Christopher Guy sales team has successfully moved away from using disparate systems and manual spreadsheets, and now utilizes Salesforce to manage and track all prospects, existing customers and sales activities within its organization.

Christopher Guy’s President and Director of Sales participated in EnablePath’s Salesforce training sessions and now champion and mandate the use of Salesforce for all sales activities. As suggested by the EnablePath team, these key executives personally encourage collaboration within the team by using Chatter to highlight individual sales team member successes, and post chatter feeds directly within account records to encourage adoption.

The Director of Sales at Christopher Guy indicated great satisfaction with EnablePath’s implementation and has stated how helpful EnablePath was throughout the process.


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