Baker & Taylor

Expanding a Distribution Network into Direct Merchandising requires new capabilities and visibility.


This existing Salesforce and EnablePath client decided to expand its distribution network to direct merchandising. To do so, they needed to add 700 licenses to support and manage remote employees, and they needed to integrate the new business model with their current Salesforce instance, that supported 230 users. The system needed to provide around-the-clock visibility into all activities and results.


Using custom development, EnablePath  designed and built a direct merchandising instance of Salesforce to manage 700 remote users. The new instance provided a full set of management tools to analyze performance and costs metrics. The new instance was fully integrated with their initial Salesforce instance.


Baker & Taylor can now dispatch, manage, pay, survey and report on over 700 remote users, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, and information can be shared internally or externally, as needed. As a result of the improved communication and visibility, turnover among employees has been reduced and customer satisfaction has significantly increased.