EnablePath Builds Custom Salesforce Implementation for Cendyn

Over the past 19 years, Cendyn® has developed innovative, cloud-based SaaS platforms for the event industry and leisure hospitality space, represented by its two signature companies: Cendyn/ONE™, providing an integrated CRM + digital marketing platform for hotels and resorts; and Cendyn Arcaneo®, providing an end-to-end event technology platform which is revolutionizing the way clients plan, execute and measure events worldwide – including corporate entertainment and sponsorship ticket spend. With office locations in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, the UK and Singapore, the Cendyn® portfolio of companies proudly serves over 30,000 clients in 143 countries and enterprise spend levels in excess of 1 billion USD.


Cendyn’s previous CRM solution wasn’t easy to use and made locating data within the system, difficult for users.  A large amount of business-critical data was being manually stored in spreadsheets outside of the CRM. Cendyn needed an organized single-source solution to manage sales pipeline and gain access to needed reporting.


EnablePath used custom development to design a solution to meet Cendyn’s business goals, enabling the tracking of campaigns, leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and products. Project Management functionality was implemented to enable the tracking of product deployment details such as project status, key milestones, resources, and etc.   Additionally, project time logs were enabled to allow users to capture “time spent by a given resource on a given project task” and provide management with oversight. Salesforce for Outlook and Chatter were implemented to allow for greater collaboration within the system.


At the completion of the project, Cendyn was able to track the on-going status of client subscriptions and purchased products. Cendyn now has a single system for managing all prospect and client data. Data is easy to enter into the system and easy to report on, allowing for greater visibility into sales and delivery performance.