GridBuddy Actions Now Make Salesforce Actions Easy

We’re excited to announce the release of GridBuddy Actions! If your dream is to bring as much of the Salesforce user experience onto one page as possible, then this GridBuddy release just got you closer. Now you can manage multiple records, execute Salesforce actions against those records, and launch custom links or other grids all from the same page.

That sounds great, but what are GridBuddy Actions exactly?
Actions are processes that run against your Salesforce data. They are also links to other Salesforce pages, GridBuddy grids, or external URLs or processes. Some common examples of standard Salesforce actions are things like converting leads, closing cases, or Chatter follow/unfollow. A common example of a custom action that runs against your Salesforce data and calls out to an external process is a custom button that creates a quote document using Conga Composer.

Of course in true GridBuddy fashion, GridBuddy Actions are completely configurable so you aren’t just limited to the actions we provide out-of-the-box. You can launch actions from Salesforce standard or custom buttons, any URL, formula fields that resolve to URLs, Visualforce pages, and more. So GridBuddy now enables you to take advantage of the custom logic you already have in your Salesforce org and include it on the grid so users can execute that logic more efficiently.