Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Accelerate Readiness and Improve ROI with EnablePath’s HLS Practice

    Providers, Pharmaceuticals, Med-Device Manufacturers, Hospitals, Payers, Laboratory Services…organizations across the Health and Life Sciences spectrum face tremendous challenges today. New regulations, advancing technologies, and rapid growth in competition are demanding improved data management, security, and patient engagement.

    Today healthcare patients, providers and partners are all more informed and involved than ever before. There is a demand for unique, relevant information provided in real-time and made mobile accessible. In response, healthcare providers need a better way of understanding patient and partner behavior so they can communicate with them on a more personal level. This creates an opportunity for health-care organizations to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage by implementing a system that enhances their capabilities and their connections.

    Cloud platforms like Salesforce provide healthcare organizations with an opportunity to build an ecosystem that connects organizations, physicians and patients, while cost-effectively improving patient care and creating an immediate business value. Salesforce offers the opportunity to automate patient management systems, create patient-specific marketing, manage the recruitment process, handle patient information, manage clinical trials and improve content management.

  • The EnablePath Difference

    EnablePath’s HLS practice accelerates time lines and improved return on investment through deep understanding of the unique needs and language of the HLS space. EnablePath connects the dots between your goals, the solutions available to you within Salesforce and the patients and partners that you serve throughout the marketplace. We help balance technology organizational goals, and culture so that you can make the most of your technology and human resource investment.


    Data Driven Operational Efficiency Gains

    Improved Outcomes

    Streamlined Compliance

    Faster Payer Relations

    Optimized Patient Experience

    Enhanced Provider Collaboration

    Meaningful Use Fulfillment

    Accurate Physician Recruitment and Referral Data Management

    360’ Patient views

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