• Support Greater Demand and Increase Productivity with Our Understanding of Manufacturing

    Customers today, seek manufacturers that can support greater demand while reducing cost, can effectively manage customer concerns, and can collaborate at the speed of mobility. In response, manufacturers are seeking more efficient ways of managing their evolving networks of customers, suppliers and partners.

    Increased productivity means connecting with customers on a more valuable level. A Salesforce CRM system allows manufacturers to engage with their customers, suppliers and partners like never before, collecting valuable analytics and insights and ensuring their customers needs are met.

  • The EnablePath Difference

    EnablePath connects the dots between your industry-specific needs, the solutions available to you within Salesforce and the customers that you serve throughout the marketplace. We help you balance the technology with your business practices and culture so that you can make the most of your investment.


    CRM to ERP Integration

    Real Time-Mobile Data Access for Sales

    Pricing and Inventory Data

    Warranty Registration and Fulfillment

    Digital Engagement with Distributors, Partners and Customers

    Web-based Self-Service

    Distributor Notifications and Updates

    Aftermarket Sales Optimization

    Supply Line and Shipping Partner Management

    Warranty and Service Fulfilment

    End Customer – Data Collection

    Clean Marketing Data Collection

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