Advisory Services and EnablePath Leadership Guide MedAssets to Successful Use of Salesforce

MedAssets is a healthcare performance improvement company that combines strategic market insight with rapid operational execution to help providers sustainably serve the needs of their communities. More than 4,500 hospitals and 123,000 non-acute providers rely on their solutions to reduce the total cost of care, enhance operational efficiency, align clinical delivery and improve revenue performance across the System of CARE.

MedAssets had a org that had largely been neglected since it’s implementation. With little-to-no governance in place, the org had become unstable due to over-customization and faulty code. User adoption was low and employees rarely accessed the tool outside of completing the bare minimum.

Pain points included:

  • Contracts were on “White Paper” and stored in SharePoint creating multiple multiple attachments in various formats that users had to comb through in order to know what agreement actually existed with a client.
  • Opportunity Process was highly customized, bulky and time-consuming.
  • External Quoting tool in spreadsheets caused data to have to be manually copied into SFDC.
  • Large number of AppExchange Apps existing in the org, each with its own philosophy, created a patchwork feel to the solution, with many not in use and creating a large number of test code failures to cause slowdowns.
  • Organic growth of the org over many years with many development processes had resulted in multiple triggers on the same objects lead to increased risk of functionality failure, increased cost of debugging issues, and increased cost of maintaining competing code modules.
  • A full suite of functionality from multiple vendors had created a maze of authentication for users of multiple applications.
  • With so many Lines of Business involved in the SFDC environment, there was a robust program of development in several of these lines and they needed a deliberate and robust release management process for these development projects to coexist.

MedAssets contracted with EnablePath for our leadership and Advisory Services to help guide them on a path to making SFDC useful again.


EnablePath led a two-day on-site discovery session with MedAssets, identifying their org intricacies, business requirements and pain points, and used that information to help make specific suggestions for improvement and optimization.

Considering the timing requirements and prioritization input from the business, EnablePath submitted an Optimization Recommendation that included:

  • Apttus implementation focusing on CLM.
  • Opportunity Line Items migration and code simplification
  • Migrating Existing Contracts from SharePoint to SFDC Content
  • Asset migration to Apttus Assets
  • Opportunity Stage revisions
  • Implementation of Single Sign On (SSO)
  • CPQ Pricing in SFDC
  • Order creation in Communities


MedAssets is very pleased with our recommendations and our communication style over the lifespan of the project, and has asked us to be their preferred implementation vendor for our solution recommendation.