Salesforce Quote to Cash is Creating Opportunities for ISV’s

Salesforce Quote to Cash is Creating Opportunities for ISV’s

Independent software vendors (ISV’s) are recognizing the need for complimentary applications to enhance or fill gaps that exist within the Salesforce CPQ and Billing applications.  Startups, SI’s, longstanding AppExchange vendors as well as new entrants to the Salesforce ecosystem are providing a variety of solutions.

Document Generation/Contract Management

Need to automate intricate proposals or contracts from Salesforce CPQ?   Several solutions address this need:

  • Ubiquitous AppExchange partner, Conga, is working closely with Salesforce to provide more robust document generation solutions for quote, contract and invoice templates.
  • SpringCM also offers an integration between with Salesforce CPQ and SpringCM’s contract management solution. With the addition of SpringCM you can manage the redlining of contracts, generate a wider variety of documents (e.g. presentations, NDAs, statements of work, proposals) and manage complex approvals.
  • Octiv provides a sales productivity platform designed to create efficiencies in process workflows for creating and managing sales presentations, proposals and contracts. Octiv can integrate data from CRM, CPQ, ERP and other systems.

Complex Product Configuration

Manufacturers may have very complex business rules that push the limits of the SteelBrick configurator.

  • Tacton’s Extension application for Salesforce CPQ, addresses complex configuration needs within manufacturing environments and offers deep CAD/CAM and ERP integrations.
  • Do you want to visually configure your product in a 3D environment? KBMax allows you to utilize their Max Modules within the Salesforce CPQ environment to unlock 3D visualization for highly complex products.


Use the right tool for the right job.  Configuration and maintenance of large, dynamic product catalogs can be time consuming.  These tools can help.

  • Nncourage, a long time SteelBrick SI in Europe offers a CPQ Accelerator utility which helps to configure product bundles faster, maintain currencies in pricebooks and troubleshoot large product catalogs.
  • Prodly, a 2 person shop in Northern California, offers the Prodly Moover tool that helps the migration of targeted data sets between Production and Sandbox orgs. Moover enables effortless migration of data in the same way Change Sets migrate metadata.

Electronic Signature

Nothing better than getting a signed contract within minutes.  Salesforce CPQ offers free connectors for both DocuSign and Adobe eSign for electronic signature on quotes and proposals.


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