Data Services

Your data is the lifeblood of your company and having “good data” is key to ensuring adoption of a CRM application.

Whether social data, customer data, financial data, sales data, order data, inventory data, etc. – you certainly must have a level of comfort that this data can be successfully mapped and migrated and/or integrated with Salesforce. EnablePath’s team of data specialists have worked with a wide variety database sources from simple Access MDB files and Excel spreadsheets, to CRM applications from ACT, Goldmine, MS CRM and Sales Logix to complex ERP instances from Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

Leveraging our expertise in the best ETL tools like Pervasive, CRMfusion, Informatica, Jitterbit and other data staging platforms, our data experts can help you define a data strategy that works and successfully navigates the minefields unique to every data project.

Data Migration

Using their deep data experience and industry standard tools, our data team works with you to identify all data sources, then to determine the best methods to extract that data in a format that can be mapped and imported into Salesforce successfully.

Data Integration

EnablePath works with top integration partners like Pervasive, Informatica, Jitterbit and other 3rd party systems to facilitate data integration across multiple platforms. From QuickBooks to SAP, we have the experience to integrate your systems with Salesforce to enhance the system as a true “single source of truth.”

Data Cleansing

If your system has accumulated lots of “dirty data” over the years, it is wise to clean that data before importing to Salesforce. Using our own standard data cleansing tools, EnablePath can first show you where inconsistencies exist, then help develop a strategy to cleanse and de dupe the data set so that the resulting data in Salesforce is “clean” and “accurate.”