EnablePath Drives Engagement and Maximizes ROI for Your Pardot Investment

The digital world has hastened the confluence of sales and marketing. No longer can these functions exist in stand-alone systems or user groups. Today’s marketers and sales leaders know that a 360 degree view of leads and client interactions are a must. Complete pictures, presented in real-time to users and leaders, drive faster sales and improved analytics.

Pardot B to B Marketing Automation Software provides outstanding results in an easily administered environment …… Provided it is set up right from the start. The native integration, the immediate feedback loop, the simplicity of lead scoring, the ease of A/B message testing, the retrospective data, the nurturing capabilities…. All lend themselves to effective, modern B2B marketing automation. Capitalizing on these capabilities requires specific, measurable goals, thoughtful design that leverages existing data and optimizes existing processes, and disciplined deployment to maximize ROI. DEFINE – DESIGN – DELIVER

EnablePath’s Pardot Deployment and optimization services range from simple connection to sales cloud, initial set-up of example campaigns and landing pages, to full customization and administrator training. Whether a simple marketing automation – lead generation use case, or advanced deployments for multiple business lines, multiple audiences for multiple purposes, EnablePath will help drive engagement and maximize ROI for your Pardot investment.

Additionally, EnablePath Managed Services offers on-going retained-based Pardot marketing support for those businesses that do not have an administrator on staff, or who chose to allocate their administrative capacity to other projects. With engagement options starting with as little as 10 hours per month, clients can ensure Pardot experts, familiar with their marketing automation mission, are available.


Pardot + Sales Cloud + EnablePath = Results