Service Cloud

Give your customers the answers, solutions and support they want, on their terms.

Service is ground zero for CRM. Customers are no longer waiting for service support, they want it now. They want answers, solutions, and reassurance on their terms. EnablePath has a team of experienced Service Cloud experts, people that have worked in call centers and customer support operations and now have the added knowledge of the Salesforce Service Cloud.




About Service Cloud

Put the power of social media to work for your company with the Service Cloud. Transform your customer service and amaze your customers by getting social.


We align processes and apply technology to elevate customer service from a basic support function to a proactive organization that is responsive and helps generate more revenue from the customer base. We’ve spent years developing best practices that we pass on to you, helping you to improve customer self-service, reducing case resolution times, better process efficiency, increased reporting metrics and improved customer visibility.