Texas Exes

Texas Exes “Hook” Donors with EnablePath and Jitterbit

Texas Exes is the official alumni association for the University of Texas, with more than 100,000 members, it is one of the largest alumni associations in the world. Texas Exes brings together University of Texas alumni to build community around events, networking, and – of course – supporting the college. Whether that means throwing horns, cheering on players, or donating funds, Texas Exes needs effective and targeted ways to communicate the many ways their alumni can stay involved with the college.


With more than 106,000 members, Texas Exes is one of the largest alumni associations in the world. Not surprisingly, that means it needs to handle a lot of information, as well as synchronize closely with numerous University of Texas activities. To make sure its communications were accurate, the alumni organization was seeking a way to reliably update alumni details on a timely basis, and avoid overloading the system with redundant data.


EnablePath custom built a streamlined process using Jitterbit to move alumni information from the University of Texas into the Texas Exes Salesforce instance, helping enable appropriate outreach to alumni. EnablePath also helped Texas Exes send alumni information back to the University when accounts were updated, and even trained Texas Exes staff on the integration so they are able to make updates and troubleshoot as needed.


Now, Texas Exes can reach out to alumni with the confidence that they are targeting all of their communications based on the latest information about the alumni, like where they work, where they live, and what topics they’re most interested in – whether it’s academics, athletics, research, or anything else. Having the right integration in place means that Texas Exes can send the right messages to hook alumni interest, engagement, and ultimately donations. Integration also keeps the Exes association in sync with its parent university, so they never send mixed messages. It’s a winning setup for everyone involved.